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Ray-Ban (‏428)
Ray-Ban Glasses and Sunglasses
Hugo Boss (‏348)
Hugo Boss Glasses and Sunglasses
Etnia (‏306)
Etnia Barcelona Glasses
Marc Jacobs (‏263)
Marc Jacobs Glasses and Sunglasses
Carrera (‏257)

About Carrera Eyewear

Carrera eyewear combines sport and urban styles inspired by car racing and aviation sports. Carrera eyewear brand participates in these luxury sports to promote their style through active living and industry specific advertisement placement. Carrera style is widely adopted around the world among men of all professions.

Carrera always took the scientific approach to manufacturing their sunglasses taking into account material and physical qualities. The pioneer in lightweight acetate, Carrera changed the way sunglasses are made setting completely new goal for sunglasses wearer. Carrera sunglasses are not only fashionable, they are also comfortable and strong with best optics available.

Lightec (‏251)
Lightec Glasses
Emporio Armani (‏227)

About Emporio Armani Eyewear

Emporio Armani is a label that is part of suite of Armani brands. It is intended for younger people in their 20s and 30s, although clothing and especially glasses by Emporio Armani are popular among all age groups because of unstructured style that fits so many people today.

Emporio Armani glasses provide large choice of frames for men and come in many sizes and colors. Emporio Armani logo decorates side temples in a rubber insert giving them sportier and casual look. Many pairs of Armani glasses have rubber temple tips for firmer head grip should you need to run or do active movement while wearing them.

Armani brand is the most acclaimed Italian brand name. It is the most successful fashion company in the world mainly due to smart work of their founder Giorgio Armani who was both practical and pragmatic in his initial fashion designs.

Nomad (‏201)
Nomad Glasses
Koali (‏172)
Koali Glasses
Bertelli (‏162)

About Bertelli Glasses

Bertelli glasses are specially designed for people who have small faces. Bertelli glasses are made for both men and women and are geared to different ages. A variety of metal and plastic frames by Bertelli are designed to work for an overall daily use. Whether you use your glasses for reading, distance or as progressives you will be able to find a good pair from Bertelli. Most important factor about Bertelli eyeglasses is that they are made for people with small faces who often struggle finding a descent pair of eyeglasses within modern style and nice color. Choose from over 100 pairs of nice looking glasses made by Bertelli brand.

Izumi (‏155)
Izumi Glasses
Tory Burch (‏137)
Tory Burch Glasses and Sunglasses
KLiiK (‏130)
KLiiK glasses
OGA (‏122)
OGA Glasses
Smith (‏121)
Smith Glasses and Sunglasses
FYSH (‏120)
FYSH UK Glasses
Evatik (‏87)

About Evatik Eyewear

Evatik eyewear is created to meet the needs of men who want to look stylish without compromising their individual style. Evatik glasses are urban and unstructured in looks. Solid metal and plastic glasses frames feel good on the face to the point that you will forget you even have them on.

One of the primary features of Evatik glasses is the size. Many glasses frames are made in large and extra large sizes for men who have large heads or like glasses to be large. Large sizes are generally not offered by fashion brands as they are deemed not popular. Evatik glasses have proven them wrong. Many popular Evatik glasses sell out quickly and are sought after by second, third and many time buyers. Once you buy  Evatik glasses you will become a fan guaranteed.

SuperFlex (‏53)
SuperFlex Glasses
Prada (‏44)
Prada Glasses and Sunglasses
Boss Orange (‏36)

About BOSS Orange Eyewear

BOSS Orange is a subsidiary brand of Hugo BOSS, a historic German brand. Enjoy the modern style with urban casualwear eyewear collection from BOSS Orange at ISeeGlasses.com

BOSS Orange eyeglasses and sunglasses are made for men and women in modern style and a flair of sporty elements. Glasses are rigit and hardcore, frames are solid and colors are derived from natural metal and acetate. BOSS Orange glasses are popular among men who are not tied to suit and tie in their everyday life. You will find many eyeglasses that are made right in the today's trend and are meant to enhance your style image overall.

Prada Sport (‏34)
Prada Sport Glasses and Sunglasses
Tiffany (‏33)
Tiffany Glasses and Sunglasses
Just Cavalli (‏28)
Just Cavalli Glasses and Sunglasses
Versace (‏5)
Versace Glasses and Sunglasses
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  •   CARRERA 6216
    Add to Cart Our Price: CAD$ 104.00 CAD$ 250.00
    CARRERA 6216. This is a brand new, 100% authentic men child Carrera prescription glasses from 2014 collection. Choose among several colors and sizes.
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